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Trem is industrial design. We are a product design and engineering studio capable of tackling projects from numerous and different sectors. Our experience, training and continuous learning have led us to synthesize in a formula the methodology that allows us to provide the best solutions for each project.

Four phases to guarantee the best result



Analysis of all the variables involved in the project



Appropriate solutions for each of the aspects that define a product



Development of the technical aspects of the product



Controlled production and supplier management to obtain the desired result



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Diseño de producto centrado en el usuario

product design

The user's experience and perception of the product is the main axis around which the rest of the requirements of each project revolve. Sensations and emotions are more than ever an essential element when developing our clients' products, ensuring that their business will succeed in today's competitive market.

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Market Analysis

User Research

Concept generation

Project Dynamization

Strategic and competitive plan

Product Design

Design strategy

Conceptual and formal design

Functional and aesthetic design


Manufacturing management

Technical solutions

Complex design challenges

Technology research

Technical strategy development

Development for manufacturing

Integration of components

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From an idea to a product

Infinite paths, infinite results


Throughout our professional careers, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects of various kinds, in all of them the seed is an idea, which develops, transforms, adapts, and evolves while we design. For any process to come to a successful conclusion, the relationship with the client is of vital importance, the flow of knowledge and communication is key to achieving a good solution, much more important than a good idea.

There are different strategies when it comes to designing, between industrial design and art there are infinite places to work from, traveling on the line that separates the technical from the artistic, or the conceptual from the material. At Trem, we understand product design as a trade based on methodology, technical knowledge, experience, and practice.

In the development of a project that takes an idea to become a prototype, which finally becomes a product, many phases are passed through.

To achieve the desired result at the beginning of the process, it is necessary to know these phases and have the ability to complete them, one by one, to cover the path that leads from the concept of a new design to its commercialization. We propose the product design as a formula with several variables, aware that the variables are infinite and therefore the results are also infinite, and these results will depend on the initial information and the decisions made throughout the project, in order to reach a simple briefing to a successful solution.

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Betting on innovation. R&D&i

Staying up to date, opening paths and constant training

Trem Industrial Design's commitment in the field of R&D&i is to collaborate with public or private initiatives to strengthen industrial development, valuing industrial design as another tool when it comes to obtaining quality solutions, sustainable, and that contribute to improvements to our society. Professional knowledge is given by the projects that are faced, depending on the clients and their needs.

At Trem, as product designers, we are committed to advancing professionally within our sector, without depending exclusively on third parties. For this reason, we also project new designs internally, without the objective is to obtain financial remuneration for it.

There are always new technologies, new production methods and tools and materials are evolving, and with them the way of working, and all this can give rise to new business niches or be the first step for new opportunities.

The result of this effort is the development and registration, in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, as utility models and patents, of various solutions designed by our studio.

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3D prototyping, printing the future

Sketching is now tangible

Prototypes are essential to verify that everything designed and developed fits and meets all expectations. It also serves to evaluate the product and make improvements that were not originally planned.

One of the tools for prototyping is 3D printing, thanks to the fact that we have our own printer we can offer customers cheap prototypes in short periods of time.

This tool allows us to analyze the prototype, for example, in relation to anthropometry, and thus reach the optimal and ergonomic solution in an agile and efficient way. This way of working allows for optimizing solutions, and improving the final product.

This strategy increases the ability to find improvements, as well as offer advice on possible changes, before obtaining the final product.

These pieces can be subsequently produced on a large scale by molding or machining, but there are also possibilities of directly manufacturing the final product in 3D printing, allowing different resistances, materials, and finishes.

A future together

Faced with new challenges, we donate knowledge

If you have a non-profit project and you need help to develop it, at Trem we are also committed to ideas that serve for a better future, a future designed, modeled, and developed not only to provide solutions to our needs, but to do it in the best possible way, as As Victor Papanek pointed out in his 1971 book, we want to “design for a real world”, but we also want to contribute what we can to make this real-world more environmentally friendly, more accessible and more inclusive.

For this we want to collaborate without financial remuneration, with people who have ideas for this new stage, ideas that benefit us all, to turn these ideas into products and put them at the service of society.

We want to contribute our grain of sand, either in the creative process or in production. If you have an idea that you think can contribute something good to society, do not leave it stored where no one can see it, we will help you to implement it. You are starting? Do you need advice about a product? Count on us without any commitment, if we can help you we will be happy to do so.

1º Send us your ideas, and we will sign a confidentiality agreement to look after your interests.
2º We will advise you on the feasibility of the project.
3º If your project seems to be viable, we offer to design it together.
4º If the objective of the product is to provide benefits to society or if the final result will benefit from open source product design licenses, remaining available to anyone who wants to use it, always without profit, from Trem we will donate part of our hours of work to get it done.

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