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Client: Aion Hair

Date: 2022

Place: Madrid, Spain

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The company AION HAIR chose us to design a revolutionary and innovative product for the hairdressing sector: a new highlight applicator, which changes the way of dyeing and allows us to obtain unique finishes in a clean and precise way.

The challenge that they posed to us was, basing ourselves on a typology of products that had already disappeared, and meeting the new needs that they had identified with their experience: to design a functional product, of great quality, and with attractive lines that fit perfectly to your business model. 
For the development of this Aion Hair product, at Trem, we have worked side by side with the Peluquerías Corvalán team to be able to achieve the perfect product that

meet all the formal and functional expectations defined in the analysis phase.

3D printed prototyping was of maximum help when evaluating the user experience together with the client. We have used 3D CAD/CAM modeling technologies to have maximum control over the parts and generate files with which to compare international suppliers. Once the product had been validated and its design optimized for manufacturing using injection molds, the product was ready to start the production phase.


The result is IRIS, a highlighter applicator with a reservoir designed to hold the right load of product, in the most efficient way and without causing spills. The product is pushed by a piston that is pressed manually to control the flow that is applied, with the minimum effort and with the greatest precision, through the nozzle, designed to achieve an extremely precise application lock by lock.

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