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Design and innovation as a driver of positive change

At Trem we are committed to innovation and design as an engine of change to generate positive impact at all levels, from business to social. We are restless minds and we are constantly on the move in the search for new challenges.

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We work with innovative materials

We are collaborating in the development of a helmet with mycelium

During his internship period, we collaborated with Javier in his Final Degree Project focused on the development of a bicycle helmet using mycelium as a base material. The mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi and consists of a reticular network that, when worked in a certain way, generates a biomaterial with unique properties such as resistance, lightness and biodegradability.

At Trem, we collaborate closely in the generation of molds to allow the mycelium to grow to a specific shape.


For this, based on Javier's experience, we study the mycelium growth and develop a 3D printing mold.

The project was a first approach to the development of a working prototype. Important conclusions were drawn that will be implemented in a future phase of the project.


For more information on this innovative material, do not hesitate to consult our blog. You will find a post where we explain much more: Sustainability, innovation and product design with fungi.

Betting on innovation. R&D&i

Staying up to date, opening paths and constant training

Trem Industrial Design's commitment in the field of R&D&i is to collaborate with public or private initiatives to strengthen industrial development, valuing industrial design as another tool when it comes to obtaining quality solutions, sustainable, and that contribute to improvements to our society. Professional knowledge is given by the projects that are faced, depending on the clients and their needs.

At Trem, as product designers, we are committed to advancing professionally within our sector, without depending exclusively on third parties. For this reason, we also project new designs internally, without the objective is to obtain financial remuneration for it.

There are always new technologies, new production methods and tools and materials are evolving, and with them the way of working, and all this can give rise to new business niches or be the first step for new opportunities.

The result of this effort is the development and registration, in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, as utility models and patents, of various solutions designed by our studio.

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3D prototyping, printing the future

Sketching is now tangible

Prototypes are essential to verify that everything designed and developed fits and meets all expectations. It also serves to evaluate the product and make improvements that were not originally planned.

One of the tools for prototyping is 3D printing, thanks to the fact that we have our own printer we can offer customers cheap prototypes in short periods of time.

This tool allows us to analyze the prototype, for example, in relation to anthropometry, and thus reach the optimal and ergonomic solution in an agile and efficient way. This way of working allows for optimizing solutions, and improving the final product.

This strategy increases the ability to find improvements, as well as offer advice on possible changes, before obtaining the final product.

These pieces can be subsequently produced on a large scale by molding or machining, but there are also possibilities of directly manufacturing the final product in 3D printing, allowing different resistances, materials, and finishes.

We create solutions adapted to your project

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