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We adapt to the needs of your project

Trem is a design company based in Madrid that carries out all kinds of industrial design projects, creative technical solutions, and product design. We use the methodologies of design thinking, we work from the know-how and we bet on innovation. The experience It is a key factor in the study, which makes us capable of developing projects from the analysis phase to prototyping and the final product. Discover our services.



Throw a product to market

Through our methodology, we get successful projects. We understand the needs of our client from the concept and we draw strategies to get your product to market.


Product design

From the idea to the product

We turn your ideas into products, covering all phases of the project. We design understand the client and base ourselves on maximum functionality hand in hand with aesthetics, always with the purpose of providing a true competitive advantage.


Technical solutions

Design and engineering

We work to overcome more complex design challenges. We overcome development and manufacturing problems. We adapt to specific needs that require technical knowledge to guarantee the correct manufacture and functionality of the product.


Project communication

Resource Generation

We generate all kinds of resources for communicating your project effectively and be able to reach a greater number of customers in the market. Photorealistic renderings, three-dimensional models, animations, infographics, planimetry... 



We accompany you on the journey

We provide a strategic vision for your project. We carry out consultancies on industrial products, use and assembly manuals, scalability and industrialization, optimization, and negotiations with suppliers... 

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Adapted services

We hear you

Our goal is to work to provide solutions to the needs of each type of client. We offer an efficient, adapted, and personalized service hand in hand with our technological and strategic partners.


Tell us about your project


  • Housings for electronic equipment

  • Industrial equipment

  • Office equipment

  • Medical industry

  • Furniture for the educational sector

  • Conceptual design

  • Manufacturing molds

  • Prototyping

  • Dental sector

  • Street furniture

  • Showcases and supports for museography

  • Rendering

We work in numerous industries, adapting to the needs of the client. We see design as a strategic tool to achieve the success of our client's business. We have a great team capable of developing innovative solutions to every design challenge that arises, whatever the sector.

See our project portfolio

Why choose us


In Trem, we carry more than 20 years of working in the design sector industrial expanding our portfolio of projects. We provide innovative solutions overcoming challenges and improving every day. Our experience makes us leaders in the sector with a vision that works from engineering, creativity, and development.


We have a multidisciplinary team, covering all the areas that are involved in a project: specialists in parametric design, mechanical design, sketching, models and prototyping, and communication...We can cover projects from numerous sectors, do not hesitate to ask us.

Technical knowledge

Our team is capable of dealing with technical projects thanks to our training. We know the benefits of the choice of manufacturing processes, materials, and their properties. We are committed to innovation and offer solutions based on knowledge and design.

We create solutions adapted to your project

Product design solutions

At Trem, we work to offer design solutions focused on customer needs. We provide services of Design and Engineer in Spain. The result always encompasses functionality, aesthetics, performance, and cost-effectiveness, to ensure standing out in each project we carry out. We work in numerous and varied sectors, thanks to a highly professional team trained in industrial design. Both new technologies, manufacturing methods, materials, and innovative software are tools that we manage and use to obtain the best results. Some of the most common products we make are:

  • Microprocessor enclosures

  • Projects for electronic components

  • Product for the medical sector

  • Product for the dental sector

  • Product for biotechnology

  • Product for the hairdressing sector

  • Appliance product

  • 3D printing industry

  • Luminaire design

  • Urban furniture projects

  • Supports for showcases and museography

  • Design of tools and accessories

  • Industrial equipment

  • Office equipment

  • Home furniture

  • School furniture

  • Advertising stands

  • Packaging

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