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We use a formula that works

Isour experiencethe one that has led us to find astrategyto develop projects avoiding the greatest number of obstacles


In the first phase of any project, we must define the final product we wish to obtain. It is necessary to analyze the project taking into account several factors; the function of our product, its aesthetics, which materials are the most appropriate, the target public, the production costs we can support, the technology we have available to manufacture, the market we can reach, the implementation phases and the final production phase. Once all this information has been analyzed, the needs to be covered and the importance of each one of them emerge. This first step is therefore essential to face and develop the product covering all its needs.



Once the project has been analyzed, we will have some needs and requirements to fulfill. The parameters will be taken into account, giving solutions to each of the requirements of the project from a global perspective, seeking formal and technical coherence. At the same time, we collect and study all the technical information that may condition the final design, and the continuous assessment and evaluation of the proposals by the client, who has the information and knowledge about his business area. To facilitate this assessment, information is generated in drawings, 3D images, or even, depending on the complexity of the project, formal models are built, verifying that all the solutions adopted fit within the expectations of the project.



The solutions adopted are developed technically, reaching a higher level of detail, which sometimes leads us to provide new solutions that result in better product quality.
Throughout the development phase, we are in permanent contact with suppliers and manufacturers, checking at all times that the development meets production and cost requirements. Depending on the product design, this phase includes the manufacture of a functional prototype where we analyze in detail the fulfillment of all specifications.



The production phase covers from the start-up of the manufacturing of the first units to the final verification and manufacturing. In many cases, the manufacture of a product involves the coordination of several suppliers to obtain a final product. At Trem we ensure that the production phase is fully coordinated. At this stage, a production follow-up is carried out to verify that the manufacturing of the product complies with all the characteristics specified in the project. Due to our experience and knowledge of suppliers we can take care of the production phase, delivering the final product on time and cost, or in the case that our client is a manufacturing company or has its own suppliers, we can provide technical assistance and production monitoring.


In each project we carry out we get involved in all phases until we achieve the best result. you can consultour portfolio and discover how we work.

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