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Vectorscreen 2.0
Client: Vector001

The new version of the Vectorscreen system as a pattern recognition system using an arm with free axial movement. 

After the study and analysis of the Vectorscreen and the new advances in audiovisual systems, we have developed new support for the use of interactive material. The adaptation has been possible thanks to the new, lighter, and more capable components and the use of more precise guides and systems.

Vectorscreen 2.0 makes use of pattern recognition software that allows applications to be launched when the camera recognizes an image (similar to the QR code system), offering a wide variety of audiovisual and interactive possibilities.

User experience

Vectorscreen provides added value to the experiences of visitors in museums, being able to access audiovisual content interactively.


The experience is designed from the maximum viability, so that the user can control the screen in four directions, with a comfortable grip and accessible to the public.

and manufacturing

The development of prototypes is essential to verify the correct functioning of all the parts of a product, it is also the step prior to production, where all the parameters are adjusted to optimize manufacturing.

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