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These Connect
Client: Aprotecnic Group

Our client, Aprotecnic Group, made a commitment to an innovative line in the reform and restoration of buildings that led us to develop these Connect in collaboration with the Barcelona IED. It is a project that consists of a green roof design implemented on a 40m2 roof terrace.

It is a showroom located in the IED itself, with a modular system for equipping green roofs for public use.

Outdoor green roof system

As in all outdoor projects, we had to face numerous technical challenges, such as the installation of vertical elements without the possibility of anchoring them to civil works structures, a saline atmosphere environment that conditions the choice of materials, and also the development of a irrigation system and vertical gardens whose facilities were hidden under a floating technical floor. The result is an environmentally sustainable and efficient project, strikingly aesthetic, which appeals to user interaction and improves the quality of cities in many aspects.

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