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Route Traveler Information System - SIVR
Client:  Tempel SA
Steel and fiberglass.

SIVR, Route Traveler Information System, is an interactive public transport and tourism information totem.
The design had to take into account all the technical requirements of the computer equipment that meant that the SIVR was connected both by cable and by Wi-Fi and that could withstand the failure of the electrical system, such as the ergonomic requirements of use, both at the interface and of dimensions related to accessibility. 

Its double function as an information point and advertising support required independent access and different levels of security.

The SIVR is made of sheet steel with cataphoretic treatment and polyester paint for its final finish, and the casing is made of mass-colored fiberglass to guarantee its maintenance.

Final product

The final product is an interactive information system that is compact in its aesthetics and conception, developed under the usage parameters required for its installation on public roads, and that usage parameters meet the technical, accessibility, safety and maintenance requirements.

Project developed for the General Directorate of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies of the Government of the Canary Islands. Financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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