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Product design iceberg. All the unseen stages

As users of a product, we make a first and quick evaluation based on aesthetics and function. However, as designers, to achieve these two requirements we do much more work behind the scenes. We present to you what for us is a design iceberg: what you don't see behind a product.

The importance of good design

In Trem we wanted to dedicate an entry to all these phases that as users we tend to overlook. Research, trends, creativity, design, analyzing the feasibility of many aspects, plans, mock-ups, validations, corrections, prototypes and a thousand changes that allow us to reach the final product: our beloved home toaster, or the canopy we designed for Metros Ligeros de Madrid, or TRIA, our furniture system for office environments...

The unseen stages of design

In the design iceberg, at its tip, we have illustrated what we as users consume: a final product, determined by its form and function. In the unseen part, which represents 1/9 of the total, we list some of the phases that can summarize the rest of the project. Dedicating the necessary time to each of these stages determines the quality of the final product, and in each of them you will find key elements that will help in subsequent phases, and the overall result.

Etapas diseño industrial




Costs analysis

Technical development



Project closing

The design iceberg boils down to a lot of effort, but it ends up being really satisfying, don't you think?

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