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How to launch your product on the market? From sketch to reality

In this post we want to tell you how to turn an idea into reality, taking as an example a project we did in Madrid for Metros Ligeros, our EKI canopy. As designers, we identify with our clients and we also ask ourselves the question of how to materialize the initial sketches in the design and development phase. We also feel that desire to make our little (big) idea a reality and to see it on the market. If you have a sketch or even an idea that you don't know how to represent, don't be afraid and jump into the pool, because maybe you have the key to success.


Communicate your idea. Contact with design.

The first step to launch your project to the market is to get in touch with a design studio that you trust and that will become your design team. The next step is to convey your idea to them and start the first steps of the journey. Many times, you may not know how to translate an idea into an image that can represent everything you need. In this case, oral explanations will be your greatest allies to explain the requirements you have in mind and the illusions you want us to understand. This phase, undoubtedly, marks the good quality of the designer-client relationship. Understanding all those explanations that accompany the first sketch we are given, and being able to give our client improvements and solutions to make it a reality, becomes our main objective to form a positive bond. As designers, we listen and enjoy this phase of understanding your needs.

Design thinking Trem metodología


Establish a good strategy for your project

Estrategia de diseño de trem

The sketching phase is as beautiful as all the others if you have a well-thought-out strategy that allows you to overcome the obstacles that arise. Start by studying the competition. Analyze what other companies have developed similar products and ask us about the feasibility of your project. As a design studio, we provide support in all these phases to make the process easier. The study of the competition leads us to land in a market that may be much broader than we thought at firsthand, but do not let this be overwhelming. Thanks to this study, we will be able to approach your project in the best way. This will fall on many aspects, both aesthetic and ergonomic, functional, technical, and communicative, concerning materials, manufacturing and a long etcetera. Many times, as a client you probably do not have enough knowledge to know how to analyze each of the aspects, but as designers, we outline complete strategies that allow us to develop successful projects.


Shall we jump into the pool? Start designing after sketching.

Diseño de producto trem

With your ideas clear and your strategy in place, it's time to start seeing your project come to life, and be sure to do this with your design team, collaborating with them every step of the way. Design involves technically solving the product, and in this phase, key decisions are made, changes are made, and you probably think it gets topsy-turvy from time to time, but it's actually going better than ever. Bringing your idea to life may be both exciting and terrifying, but if you've reached this point, it's because you really do have an idea worth taking to market. We'll help you understand what decisions to make and show you in a clear and transparent manner at all times so you can be the one to shape your creation.


And how to launch it to the market?

You are just one step away. Aks us and we will help you.

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