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How to get a good start on a project


We want to share with you how we work in Trem because transparency and proximity are some of the fundamental pillars of our study. In this post, we are going to show you how we guide the first phase of our work methodology, and how to approach a project from the analysis.


The importance of the analysis phase in a project

Performing a good analysis will allow a successful project to be carried out, and therefore, it is necessary to place emphasis on this phase.

How to make a good analysis

It is essential to collect the information you have and proceed to segment and study it. Different tools such as questionnaires can be used to locate the key points of the project and to guide it until all the client's goals are met.

Subsequently, all the factors that affect the product to be developed are analyzed.

Diseño industrial, mapa de proyecto TREM, producto, analisis
Project map

To do this, in Trem we make a project map. Each map or framework will be different depending on the qualities of the product to be designed and will indicate a route to follow with the most important parts of the design. The basic points to appear will be the deadlines, the technology required for the product, the necessary development, and costs. Other important points that will appear on the map will be the suppliers, market, manufacturing methods, regulations, materials, aesthetic trends, and ergonomics...

A project map is not static but may vary throughout the stages of the project. However, it is very important to draw the first one in this initial phase, in order to have a vision of what to address and how to address it in the following steps.

The next step is to make a chronogram with all the deadlines required by the project, and, therefore, times and work phases. This allows us to delimit some variables and outline the first lines of our analysis and the steps to be taken. It also serves to clarify with the client the milestones of the project, improving the relationship with him through transparency and generating trust.

Subsequently, the analysis phase is addressed as such, proceeding to study the factors that have been marked in the framework for action. At Trem, thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we are able to simultaneously analyze several phases, and then put them together. In this work, all possible information is gathered, and then, by means of different methodologies, the first decisions are made.

Finally, a report is made where all this information is compiled and presented to the client. In this way, the key points of the final product and the course of action are jointly defined. For us, the specialized knowledge that each client brings to the table in his field of business is fundamental.

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