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Plaims. Sensory immersion platform

Client: Vector001

Designed and developed for Vector001. 
Virtual reality platform, easily removable for installation in shopping centers or public places with controlled access.

Plaims has 3D vision glasses with movement recognition, where a scenario is projected where the user can interact. The image projected on the glasses is also visible on a


48” screen that at the same time interacts with the lighting of the platform, resulting in an attractive experience both for the user who uses the glasses and the rest of the people who observe.

The platform has a ramp so that people with reduced mobility can access it and a railing to keep the user within safety limits.

User-centered design

This is a project that has many requirements that come from the usability by the user and its ergonomics. The height and inclination of the ramp and the dimensions of the platform allow easy wheelchair access. In terms of height, diameter, inclination and position of the handrail, all parameters are meticulously studied to ensure a safe experience.

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