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Self-supporting canopy

In collaboration with ten+diez we have designed, developed and patented the Nodal canopy, the only one of its kind that allows its installation without foundation work, adapting to a wide variety of urban environments.

The NODAL self-supporting and adjustable canopy has some characteristics de  innovation and design that have allowed it to
obtain the corresponding patent as a utility model and clearly differentiate it from the rest of the proposals.

Nodal is a canopy that starts from the fact of connecting with the flow of transport in which it is registered with the greatest of facilities, since it is a modular design that meets all the stability requirements and safety inherent in any model of this type of urban equipment.

Thanks to its design that starts from a basic concrete element on which the rest of the parts are built, it is possible to easily move it from one location to any new one, either temporarily or permanently

Therefore, the great differentiating element of this design is the ease of installation, since it does not interfere with the basic infrastructures and facilities that are located underground, such as gas, electricity, water or communications.

Modularity and assembly

The process of assembly, displacement or removal of Nodal, has been simplified in such a way that it can be executed with the minimum number of operators and machinery, in an estimated time of two hours. 

This is possible thanks to the self-supporting capacity of Nodal, which eliminates the need for its foundation, with the consequent savings in work days and material, and therefore, dispenses with the need to lift and later restore the paving in the area.

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