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Modular articulated bench system
Client: T&D Cabanes
Made of cast aluminum

Designed and developed in collaboration with Diez+Diez Diseño. The Miriápodo System consists of a base module that can be repeated and modified according to the needs of each space. The anchor piece between the different ribs is articulated, which allows curves with variable radii to be created.

The different elements that make up this system allow various configurations with or without backrest, with armrests and with different radii of curvature.  Due to the material used and due to the characteristics of a system that is easily configurable, this design is designed for your installation in controlled environments.

Industrial Design

"Miriápodo" was part of the itinerant exhibition "Living Spain", sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through various cities in Europe and America. In 2006 he participated in the "offjetos" exhibition, and since then, the "Myriápodo" is part of the permanent collection of the "Museo de Artes Decorativas de Barcelona". For quite some time, the image of the Myriápodo System was the most used by T&D Cabanaes to represent its commitment to design.

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