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MedUX Mobile Probe

Client: MedUX

Injected plastic - 3D printing prototype

Design of the MedUX Mobile 3.0 probe.

The project was based on the need to adapt the previous design to the new probe model, for which it was necessary to carry out a mechanical study of the components that make up the new MedUX Mobile probe.

The registers for external connections, the new distribution of components on the motherboard and on the connector plate, and a new intermediate casing that optimizes the interior space, ensuring the stable fixation of the components and the assembly of the closing casing were designed. correctly.


Design of
the intermediate board of the microprocessor


The design of the intermediate plate adapts to the needs of the product. It is a plate that helps to optimize the interior space, allowing the arrangement of the electronic elements  thanks to recesses, bites and controlled thicknesses throughout the design.


For the design of the MedUX Mobile 3.0 probe, we prototyped the modified parts with 3D printing to verify its correct operation and specifications. The last one happened after the testing of the test prints, it consisted in the preparation of the final files for mass production.

in China.

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