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Heinz's hidden gem
Client: Dentsu Creative.

Date: 2024

Place: Madrid, Spain

We collaborated with Dentsu Creative on a campaign for Heinz, designing and developing an innovative ring that allows ketchup to be dispensed discreetly in fine dining environments. This project presented a unique challenge, as nothing similar existed before, and it was a challenge to design and produce such an innovative product.

At Trem, we approached the challenge by developing a special ring composed of three parts: a fixed part, a mobile part and a jewel that is attached and removed with a compact system of small magnets. The fixed part allows the storage of silicone capsules, also designed and manufactured by us, which contain the ketchup.

Using a sliding guide system, the moving part compresses the internal silicone, dispensing the ketchup in an elegant and discreet way. The development of the internal mechanism and the aesthetics of the ring represented a significant challenge. The combination of an elegant and functional design, along with the complexity of the slide and piston system, required a multidisciplinary approach.

We worked closely with jewelers and prototypers to ensure that the ring was not only aesthetically appealing, but also fully functional.

The creation process included multiple iterations and tests to ensure the compatibility of the materials and the effectiveness of the mechanism.

This project was particularly complex, given that we had to develop both the ring and the capsule, with the latter being more complicated due to ketchup storage and dispensing requirements. The end result is a piece that combines engineering, design and art, offering an innovative and unique solution in the field of packaging and product design.


The result is The Hidden Jewel, a ring that allows users to add ketchup in a subtle and sophisticated way in high-end restaurants. The ring houses silicone capsules containing ketchup, which are dispensed by a sliding guide and piston mechanism, ensuring precise and discreet application. The jewel is attached and removed with a system of small magnets, providing a compact and efficient solution. This project stands out for its complexity, fusing engineering, design and art, and underlines Trem's ability to create unique and cutting-edge products for advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

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