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cocoon cot
Aurelia Vaquero Giraldo
Cradle made of steel, wicker, wood and linen

The Cradle was designed and handcrafted for Aurelia, designed to create a warm and comfortable environment. With the idea of designing a crib for the daughter of our friends Tomás and María, we worked with them on the definition of the concept of a crib as an object that envelops and protects, providing warmth and comfort.

We started working researching different materials and decided on wicker for its warmth and the way it filters light. We designed the bassinet so that it could be folded for transport and only the top two covers could be folded while in use. The legs are also foldable and despite their light appearance, they have the necessary stability.

Design, installation and assembly

The structure consists of a rigid skeleton of stainless steel tubes and surrounding segments built by hand with stainless steel rods, welded and polished (personally by us), each segment was woven in wicker and the handles to fix the position of the segments were turned by hand in wood. The mattress and the interior textile cover were made to measure. This project was born from the idea of Tomás, it was designed in our studio and became an object thanks to the work of locksmiths, wicker workers, turners, upholsterers, Aurelia's grandmother, father, and mother.

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