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Client: Dentsu Creative.

Date: 2024

Place: Madrid, Spain

We have collaborated with Dentsu Creative in a campaign for Heinz, designing, developing and producing a capsule for The Hidden Jewel, an innovative jewel that allows to dispense ketchup discreetly in high gastronomy environments.

After designing, developing and producing La Joya Oculta (The Hidden Jewel), which centered its operation around existing digestive capsules on the market, the challenge arose to design a specific capsule that would be resistant to the contents, reusable and easy to use.


The digestive capsules used in the first phase to provide a solution for the filming of advertising spots were perfectly suited to the task for which they were selected. On the one hand, they acted as a container for Heinz brand ketchup and, on the other, their ability to soften when in contact with water-containing products made them easy to use in La Joya Oculta.

The second phase of the project required that the capsules should not lose their physical properties so that the user could receive them and reuse them as many times as necessary. To achieve this, we had to design from scratch, as there was no solution on the market, a capsule that met all the design requirements.


Among the different challenges we faced, we highlight the search for materials sufficiently resistant to be manipulated and at the same time sufficiently malleable to facilitate its use inside La Joya Oculta.


After the engineering development and the different prototypes and tests to which they were subjected, we developed a capsule composed of a flexible silicone body, which facilitates the expulsion of the ketchup, coupled with a rigid head printed in 3D, which enables its manipulation and finally, a small tampon that allows after filling the capsule, seal it and transport it wherever necessary.

In addition, the wide variety of finishes allows us to quickly identify by color, the type of sauce contained in each capsule.

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