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Vectorscreen is a pattern recognition system using an arm with free axial movement.

vector screen
Client: Vector001 SL
Stainless steel

Vectorscreen is a free axial motion arm pattern recognition system.
Vector001 has developed a pattern recognition software that allows applications to be launched when the camera recognizes an image (similar to the QR code system), and together with them we designed and developed the Vectorscreen that allows navigation along and above a vertical plane with a screen.
The requirements were to achieve a mechanism that would allow freedom of movement in a vertical plane parallel to the static information, allowing the screen to

remain motionless in the desired position, making the mobile screen play audiovisual or interactive media that allow amplifying the information displayed on the graphic wall or on the object behind it. Vectorscreen has been evolving and we are going for version 4.0, which has improved the counterweight systems, the guides and the wiring. Being a product intended for use in clean environments, IGUS maintenance-free bearing systems have been incorporated.

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