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DDD support
Client: Vector001 SL

ORBITT support is a stereoscopic support for recording in 3 dimensions.
To make three-dimensional recordings, it was necessary to record simultaneously with two aligned cameras that had a point of convergence.

ORBITT support allows the aligned mounting of 2 cameras and their synchronized lateral displacement using a double rotation axis and the convergence of the cameras simultaneously using a frontal axis. In addition, a pressure wheel is incorporated for locking in the recording position that allows the equipment to be safely mounted as if it were a steadycam. For use on a tripod and to adjust the convergence in the vertical plane, each camera support incorporates a height regulator.

Materials and manufacturing

ORBITT support is a unique piece made of aluminium, both in folded sheet metal and in machined elements, and combines precision commercial parts and custom-designed parts for this project. Maintenance-free IGUS products are used for sliding systems.

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