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Client: IKEA 
Steel and plastic

Rörlig is a ceiling light with a mobile arm for the installation of suspension lamps.
The idea for Rörlig came from our friend Linda's house. How many times are the points of light not where we need them or do they not adapt to the temporary changes that our houses suffer?

Rörlig in Swedish means “that can move”, and that is the function of this arm, since it allows a ceiling lamp to be moved freely within its action diameter, regardless of the original position of the ceiling light point.

Design, installation and assembly

Rörlig is made up of a piece for anchoring to the ceiling, both for hollow ceilings and masonry ceilings, and a trim casing with an articulated hanging system with a mobile ring. It has a removable arm, for transport and packaging, made of metal tube, with a mobile part that serves to regulate the height of the arm's fall. Supplied with wiring pre-installation and provision for standard light bulbs and subsequent assembly of any type of suspension lampshade.

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