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Designed together with Frederic Heusch
Self production
Stainless steel

[Obliqwo] was the first object in a small series of designs self-produced and marketed by Trem Industrial Design.
[Obliqwo] is a water ashtray designed to facilitate waste separation in a simple way. Made up of a single body in stainless steel with a pivoting cover

with counterweight that allows the liquid to be emptied first and then the rest of the solid residue. [Obliqwo] was selected in 2003 for the IX Edition of the Design Awards of the AEPD.

Sustainable design

It was the first ashtray design designed to empty its contents in an ecological way. It facilitates the separation of waste and water, through a carefully studied angle of inclination that gives the object its name, allowing the passage of liquid and avoiding the passage of waste. Its cleaning is simple, inviting a comfortable and ergonomic experience. And its appearance and aesthetics make it become a decoration and has been the protagonist in numerous magazines. 

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