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Ego “Museum for sale”
Client: Base for Carmen Canton
Chipboard and stainless steel spikes

The Ego Art Center is a mobile art center in the form of a piece of furniture that houses projects by multiple contemporary artists and creators. The Ego Center was inaugurated in 1994. From that moment until today, there have been more than 100 interventions on Ego and it has traveled through Italy, Latin America, the USA, and Germany.
In 2009, the Base studio was commissioned to create the image of the EGO project “Museum for sale” by the plastic artist Carmen Cantón and asked us to work with her to create a Museum-Product that could be mass-produced for distribution. 
The concept was to create an Object-Museum that would house the private collections of all the people who wanted to be directors of their own museum, but this Object-Museum had to require construction work and be customizable by their owners.

After exploring different combinations of materials and possible simple construction methods, we turned to the idea of tangram, which with few pieces allows to create infinite different shapes, and we chose plywood and steel dowel assemblies to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the set.
“In this proposal, we materialized the parameters that defined the Ego project, such as “a portable museum, used as a container and exhibitor for the different possible museums”, achieving a transportable, self-installing, multifunctional, multiformal Object-Museum and capable of being mass-produced. and easily distributed.

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