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Cancellation of transport tickets for buses 
Client: Tempel SA
Prototyping in STL

Lebit, is a terminal for reading "contactless" transport tickets, which also incorporates a screen with arrival time information for the following stops.
The design of this product was conditioned by the provision of electronic elements and their installation on the vertical bars near the doors. Being away from the driver's seat, it had to be equipped with an anti-vandalism system that prevented its disassembly.
The result of the project is a compact object that complies with the ergonomic parameters of use. The user interface is identified by a change in the color of the casing.

The anchoring system on the bus bar that is fixed to the bus iThe anchoring system on the bus bar that is fixed to the bus is equipped with a security system and quick connect and disconnect electrical connectors.
In the design and subsequent development, the parts were taken into account to be able to manufacture the elements by plastic injection without the need to resort to very complex molds in order to obtain a low-cost product.


The development of the project included the prototyping phase, carried out using STL, for design adjustments and validation by the end customer.

This project was done for Global


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