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Caja Itiner es una caja expositora para un pack de tres botellas de vino.

itinerary box
Whiterock-Trem Industrial Design

Itiner Box is a display box for a pack of three bottles of wine.
Tino from Whiterock contacted us to design something that would serve to form a pack of three bottles of wine, the idea was to make a piece that would join the three bottles at the points of sale and at the same time be a piece that would have a second use after buying the bottles. bottles. Our proposal is this Picuda Box that allows to expose the bottles unidas in the

punto deventa, leaving the seal of the capsule and the labeling of each of them visible, thus avoiding the double graphic application that occurs in closed boxes. The decorative graphic application proposed by Whiterock adds a fun touch to this different and original packaging.
Itiner box is made entirely of pine wood.

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