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COAM Library
MATCOAM is a library of materials, from the construction sector, with more than a thousand real samples

Our design, which was chosen in the ideas competition organized by the COAM, was adapted to the specific needs of the use, the space and the requirements set forth. The design of each element provides technical solutions that improve the minimum requirements set, achieving greater versatility of the elements, greater accessibility to content,

more storage space for catalogues, more exhibition space in the platform area and the possibility of customizing the different elements of the project. We take care of the technical development, manufacturing, supply, and installation of all the exhibition furniture.

Design and development

This is a set consisting of modular shelving, combinable display tables, display stands for pallets and work tables with chairs. The set allows the design of the entire space of the Materioteca following the premises of sophistication, minimalism and light design.  The intention is to achieve a versatile space that can be configured according to the samples available in each space. 

The development of the contemplated design entails considering minimal metal elements with configurable suspended upright systems, versatile shelf and display systems, signage assemblies with removable and accessible sockets for an economical production of graphic supports. In addition, concealed, recessed casters are developed in keeping with the minimalist lines of the space.

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